AgroTorf Company

Agrotorf is one of the leading peat manufacturing and selling companies in Russia, CIS and European countries. The company was found in 2011 by a group of companies – "Rustorf" and JSC "Keluva". The founders of "Agrotorf Group" have many years of experience in peat production and sales in Russia and Baltic states.

The group of companies has six licenses for peat mining from six different peat bogs. The total area of peat bogs exceeds 4200 hectares. The peat is mined in the deposits, which are located in environmentally friendly areas of Pskov district, Russia and Latvia.

Because of the high attention to the quality of manufactured products, the company is highly evaluated by its consumers, and various Agrotorf products – such as top-ground peat, neutralized peat, nutritive peat substrates, etc. have already well-recommended themselves in the market, and new items easily enter the market.

All the products have all necessary certificates.


The new production line allows manufacturing of high-quality peat products, which correspond to the modern requirements.

The separation line is designed to divide the milling peat into three main fractions: 0–10 mm, 10–20 mm, 20–40 mm. According to the customer’s request, mixing of different fractions is also possible.

Mixing and dispensing unit helps to control the norms of adding composite components and mixing them evenly, which is extremely important for the quality of the product.

Quality control

The quality is controlled though all of the process: starting from mining and up to the final product. The "Quality Control Scheme" records the process of release of each product in details. Our own laboratory regularly checks chemical, biological and physical characteristics of the substrates, to reassure that they meet the standard requirements. It all helps to guarantee our customers the highest quality of our products.


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